Marty is a French award winning tattoo artist based in Los Angeles.

Marty was born in 1990 in the Parisian suburb.

He started tattooing at the age of 18, he has always been influenced by the American underground/rock culture. Driven by a passion for skateboarding from a young age, Marty ended up being semi-pro when he was a teenager. He later fulfilled another dream by being the lead singer of the rock band "Early Seasons", together they toured around the world, all the way to Japan and even got a contract with a U.S record company.

But some things never changed, being raised by two parents fan of Comics, Marty started to draw when he was in elementary school, you can even still ask him about those comics he was drawing during class as some of them have been preciously preserved.

All his passions combined naturally led him to tattooing, he put in application all the dedication he had learned from skateboarding and singing into being an apprentice,

Today Marty will still say that being an artist means learning everyday.

Now strong of 11 years of experience, Marty found his style in neo-traditional and always takes great pleasure to create custom pieces for his clients.

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